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Tips for posting suggestions - PLEASE READ - Matt - 2011-07-16


With this new MyBB 2.0 suggestions forum there has been a surge in suggestions for the next major version of MyBB, and here are some tips on making suggestions.

Be clear with your suggestion - Simply saying to make something better or improve something doesn't help us at all. We already want to make things better and improve them if they need it, but we need to know how you think it should be improved, what it's lacking currently, and what you think it needs, otherwise we won't know what you want from the feature.

Make sure you're suggesting something new - Many things are being suggested over and over; a quick search in this forum should return any existing suggestions for your idea/feature. Some common suggestions that we have already said will be included are things like a new theme, and a WYSIWYG editor.

Be patient - If your suggestion doesn't get a response from staff it doesn't mean it's been ignored or rejected; MyBB 2.0 won't be released next week so there's plenty of time to go over suggestions in the future.

Thank you,
MyBB Staff

RE: Tips for posting suggestions - PLEASE READ - Paul H. - 2012-09-23

Also, for those posting new suggestions:

We will not be including a shoutbox, CMS, blog system, status updates, etc in MyBB 2.0. MyBB is a forum software, not a social software. That's why we have plugins.