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Some Theme Feedback - Eric - 2011-07-16

Well, this is the place to show off forums, and I can't release this theme, so I figured posting my demo site here would be the best option? If not feel free to point me in the right direction.

Anyways, I made this theme for a site called PokeBoard:

But seeing as the administrator wants to keep his default theme, I figure it won't see much light, so I wanted to get some feedback here.

Anyways, this is the layout:

RE: Some Theme Feedback - Paul H. - 2011-07-16

That theme is great! Keep it up!

RE: Some Theme Feedback - lucasbytegenius - 2011-07-16

Yes, it's awesome Smile
I'd move the tcat up flush against the thead and but some sort of border around the table or change the background color of the table.

This theme would look cool whether it was Pokemon or not.

RE: Some Theme Feedback - Eric - 2011-07-16

Thanks for the feedback guys. Turns out I'm actually just going to release this, so could I get a mod to close the thread for me?

RE: Some Theme Feedback - alsoyoutube - 2011-07-21

its pretty nice

RE: Some Theme Feedback - Eric - 2011-07-21

Thanks, I actually posted it here on MyBB about 3-4 days ago (An actual release thread), but even though Support Team members have been on I still yet haven't seen it pop up anywhere. :/

But yeah, when it shows up feel free to download and use it.