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Seeking Custom Designer
I am seeking a custom designer. The theme I require is a theme for a Pirates of the Caribbean forum coming out soon. So it would require a ship or skull like feel to the theme project. Something that sticks out to be something from the films and/or anything else related. Even a plank of wood related theme would be awesome.

If you wish to take on this project just reply or PM me. Provide proof of your current and past work and what payment you would charge for this.

I would require theme, custom image set and matching banner. Also I would require the menu bar to be a drop down menu bar with the ability to add/remove links easily. Even if you have to use Chrome CSS drop down menu.

What is your budget for this Aaron? Pm me if you want previous theme examples.
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I would take a look at jessee he does some great work he done the design for my site you are welcome to take a look the link is in my sig, or you can contact him here

Try Or Send Sukanjan.k A pm on here
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