Discuss: MyBB 1.1.5 Released
I also have a Makpaolo in my forums here. Him I suppose? Toungue

Thanks guys! Duly updated too! Big Grin
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_jordan Wrote:If I have a custom theme installed do I have to do anything extra to make it so that theme has the latest version as well?
If your running a version greater than MyBB 1.0 you do not have to change anything in your themes.
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Great job Chris!!
updated my offline boardToungue

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Updated, thanks Chris Smile
1.4 say what Big Grin
Updated, thanks a lot Chris and everyone else.

And a very big thank you to all the little script kiddies for pointing out the security flaws so they could be fixed, lol. Idiots. Toungue
Got it sorted out. Thanks for the updates.
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Great. Fast updates! Big Grin
I got a PM from a friend about the update...where is the update email from the newsletter?

btw...updated just fine and thank you again

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