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Not Solved de-activate printable version
Not Solved
Hello Everybody

I am using mybb v 1.6 and suddenly got some ranking problem in google. One of the reason is duplication of content because of the "View a Printable Version"...

Please help me to sort out the problem.... how can I deactivate the printable version feature from the forum display page...

Thanks in advance

Not Solved
Remove the following code from the showthread template:

<li class="printable"><a href="printthread.php?tid={$tid}">{$lang->view_printable}</a></li>
Not Solved
Thanks buddy

I removed it... and now seems ok from that side...

can somebody suggest some ways to correct the canonical problems,, which may arise out of mybb ?
Not Solved
Use Google SEO. Besides the ability to specify canonical pages, there are tons more features that will quickly improve your website's SEO.
Not Solved

Mere deleting the printable version option is not enough it seems.. because the indexed pages will be there forever.. and still working..

Is there any way to turn off the printable version feature ?
Not Solved
Use the robots.txt file to disallow search engines from crawling printthread.php.
Not Solved
Thank you very much faviouz for the suggestion. Will you please share the codes to insert in robots.txt ?

Bow mine just says

User-agent: *
Allow: /

Thanks in advance

Not Solved
^ robots.txt - an example
Not Solved
Google SEO comes with a very complete robots.txt, which already disallows indexing of printthread.php. If you're not already using the plugin, I highly suggest that you do. It is very useful!
Not Solved
You don't need to disable it. Add rel="nofollow" tags to all the links to the printable page. Also add to robot.txt disallow. That's it.

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