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Selling Ad Space
I am selling Ad space. Read below for details.

Site Traffic Pictures:
[Image: 34f0f4838206cc1bdc5eee796ed4a6bb.png]
[Image: 97885c997eea5e7bc741bb75161f5fe0.png]
[Image: 1976c48940e3c2f447d25a27dd4dc1fd.png]
[Image: de8b38b0305d39263a38b4620d36db7f.png]

Prices and Payment:
I will be accepting paypal only with monthly, daily, and weekly prices.

Here are the prices!

Your ad on header for 1 month: $10
Your ad on header for 1 week: $5
Your ad on header for 1 day: $2

Read before you buy:
Ads for the following sites will not be accepted:
Pornographic sites, Competing gaming sites. I encourage game currency selling sites.

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