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Not Solved [Error Message] an error occurred while processing this directive
Not Solved
some users are reporting that error when trying to view the 2nd page of a thread when using the preparser cache from mybbhacks.

any idea what's going on? I don't personally get any errors when viewing the 2nd page of that thread.
Not Solved
I could not get that error while viewing the 5 pages on that thread ...

see earlier reported such issues : Google search results
Not Solved
seems to be a server issue more than a mybb issue, from what I'm reading, yes?
Not Solved
^ yes !
Not Solved
bumping this.

I installed this on another site I help run and users are again reporting that same error in my OP. I do not get the error myself...

for some reason I think it's a config problem on host monster's side as both sites I had issues with this on were hosted with them. of course they claim it's not anything on their end, but the plugins fault.

any ideas?

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