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[For 1.6] Greenia - Powerful Black & Green l33t MyBB Theme [Now at Mods Site]
(2019-05-26, 02:25 PM)blackcatfever Wrote: This download link is dead. Does anyone have the Greenia file? I love the theme and want to add it to mybb forum. I can't seem to find the author and his website is down. This would be of great help. I appreciate it in advance.

Even if you found this Greenia theme, you will have to update it to work with MyBB 1.8.20.

Is it worth your time to do this?

Check this FREE theme out HERE.

Whiteneo will be more than happy to assist you in getting this theme to work for your website.

You may have to pay him a little bit, but he is very reasonable.
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