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Mybb Clan Suite - Requesting Paid Development
Introduction: I host a website for a Starcraft 2 Clan and one feature they need is a clan mod. Here is the link to the old clan suite but it doesn't have the features they need most:
Details: They have requested the following features:
  • Ladder
  • Tourney
  • Clan Memberlist?
  • And possibly streams

The first two are the most important.
Conditions: We are willing to pay for this but not sure what price is correct. $50-$100 we were thinking. But they would like it to be released to the public after it is finished.
Contact details: Just pm me here on these forums.

I hope some one interested in picking it up.
MyBB CMS is picking it up, but that is only if you don't need fixes right now that is Wink.
I'm not here often, shoot a PM or whatever if you want my discord.

(2011-10-11, 07:32 PM)Jason L. Wrote:


Did you read his post?

His post was posted after my request...
(2011-10-12, 01:37 AM)Jaketfg Wrote: His post was posted after my request...

That message was for Jason not you Wink.
Yup...we are all over this one, give us a month or so....

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