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MyBB Theme $7
I am selling copy's of the theme that Script Installs used to have. I have full resell rights (ask kavin and Shady if you do not trust)

The theme is fully custom to the SI forum before now and only a hand full of people will have it so it is a good style to own.


The pack comes with the images and .xml file. You can edit the theme however you like after buying, You can not resell.

To buy post below. Payment of $7 made via PayPal
What happened to Script Installs anyways?
I notice it something I don't know I saw it!
(2011-10-10, 07:42 PM)Everett777 Wrote: What happened to Script Installs anyways?

It sadly got sold.
sorry hear grieve I am shocked! that is sadly lose on hosting!
Anyway. Anyone want to buy this?
OFF TOPIC : jfi, admin forums has acquired
Anyone want this?
How much for full resale rights?
For you and you only to get hold of the theme and for you and you only to resell it I will put a price of $25?

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