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Not Solved [How To?] How to transfer all staff, But not Thread/ Post / User ?
Not Solved

I need help in transfering all my plugin / Themes , but i dont want my thread/ post / PM / etc to be affected.
Any idea how to do it ?

Not Solved
I am confused... Are you moving hosts?

Could you please reword what is happening — because the language barrier is smack in the middle of us.
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the title seems to me to be a simple case of moving the forums and users but without the posts being merged.

with the Merge System, (another one in the wrong forum) you have th eoption of what you want to import. However certain elements depend on other elements. for instance permissions cannot be imported without groups i believe.
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Hmm What i mean is , I used my 2nd forum[ The test forum ] To test plugin and then if all plugins i want in the 2nd forum is done and it's all tested i want to move my 2nd forum plugin to the 1st forum plugin . But When moving , All accounts Thread, Post , stuff are not been moved too .
But there is some plugin used the ftp/public_html/admin file.

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