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Zone0 Web Services
This website is not actually run on MyBB, but the Support Forums are. Right now I am using the subdomain provided with the hosting, but soon the dns will be activated for

This is a website which provides free templates and php scripts, and possibly more in the future. There is also free support for these scripts, and more. Some products may go commersial in the future, but there will always be something free. I'm working on more templates and scripts all the time, so the list will get bigger and bigger. Enjoy the website! (please tell me if you download something, I don't have a counter yet).

Link: (
Topic: Templates/ php scripts
MyBB content:

Please post your comments on the site!

- Jaiden
I've added another template, so now there are (I will update this post all the time)

2 Templates
0 Scripts
1 Preview Page
0 Beta Downloads

- Jaiden
Overall the forums look good. Not as flashy as your main site but still good.

However, on your main site you do have a problem that you should fix. Where you have the menu at the top and the grey rollover effect, you will notice that the effect is not aligned properly. If you look at the Products and Contact Us links it is just over the text, however on the About, Home, and Forums link, the light up effect is misaligned and actually covers the dot as well. I don't know which way is supposed to be right, but it will bad that that some effects cover just the text while others seem to be too large and misplaced.

Also it is nice that the music takes place on the home page, but it gets annoying that the Flash has to reload on every page load. Maybe you could put a shorter Flash animation on the other pages that is just the header without the intro so that it could be skipped so users can just get to your content.

And also with your contact page. There is nothing wrong with it. But just a word from experience, never put email addresses out in the public. They will get spammed to no end. You would be better off with a form just to mask the email address.
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yep I will think about all of this Smile

- Jaiden

EDIT: I've replaced my personal email address with a "Message" form.

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