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Allow only one user account per email address - how?
Hi again,

is it possible to disallow creating more than one user account with the same email address? Or does MyBB do that by default? So far, couldn't find much about that.


That's the default setting.

ACP > Configuration > User Registration and Profile Options > Allow emails to be registered multiple times? > No
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Hint: In your ACP , at the configuration settings, there is a little search box. If you type "email" there, you'll be given all settings where that keyword occurs.
Thanks both of you, extremely quick answers, and very helpful as well. It's like I had an answer before I finished typing my question!

Is that a new feature of MyBB community forums, "predictive question answering"?


There is no predictive support. Just an active community ready to help each other out? Wink
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Hehe, I wasn't serious with that last question re predictive question answering :-)

Thanks for opening my eyes to MyBB people, great to know there's such a great community.


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