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Not Solved [General] MYSAM or InnoDB?
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Which one of the two do you think are better?

I just switched to InnoDB, just to see the ins and outs. What are your opinions?
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Each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Unless you're experiencing table locking issues you don't need InnoDB. InnoDB provides row-level locking which is recommended for tables which see a high number of inserts.

For most forums sticking with MyISAM will suffice.
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MyISAM is fine.
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MyASM gives you full text search (including using AND/OR to refine the search).
InnoDB provides row-level locking and foreign key constraints.
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The biggest thing about InnoDB is the lack of full text indexes, but if you are on a VPS or dedicated box where you would notice benefits from moving to InnoDB, you should be using Sphinx search anyway so no full text in MyBB itself is fine.
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I tried to change my database to InnoDB because i had performance issues on my website (mysql overloaded).

But the database operation became too slow, and I had another issue because my host doesn't allow many connection on mysql at the same time...

Finally, I've move my DB to MySQL5.5, keeping MyISAM (except for the session table to MEMORY / HEAP), and everything is now fine Smile

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