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Not Solved [paying] got trouble with my database
Not Solved
My database might be a bit of a mess, as my theme ID 11 shows templates from theme ID 12 and such things? Does anyone have any clue on this?

I am willing to pay if someone can fix this.
Not Solved
You need to change what templates your theme is using. To do this go to your AdminCP > Templates & Styles, find your theme > edit theme, then go down and where it says "Template Set" change it to the theme's templates that you want it to use.
Not Solved
Can you explain your problem a little bit more?
-Paul H.

Cogisne lingua latina?
Not Solved
When I go to Templates -> Example 2 Templates -> Header -> header.

Then it shows the content from the header from example 1 templates instead, is might be a mess with the database struckture.

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