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I am Hacked
Thanks,the problem is 'SOLVED'
I put the message through a translator and it says "This site is closed for administrative reasons.". It's obviously something to do with your host. Try contacting them and see what they say.
Okay guys,i got the problem,its the Domain host problem thats what my host told me,now how can i change my domain name ? please help
A better solution would be to figure out what you did wrong so that they don't shut you down again in the future.

Once you correct the problem, you can purchase a new domain name through your hosting cpanel.
Try contacting the domain registrar (the place you bought the domain from).
problem solved
You'll need to buy a new domain and set it all up again unfortunately. You'll need to change the domain in your hosting control panel and change the domain's nameservers to point to the host. You'll also have to alter the domain settings in MyBB.
problem solved 0______0
(2012-04-11, 01:18 PM)Yoshi Oak Wrote: kk thanks Sir,sorry i lied here to get support fast "PLEASE HELP me,this was first time i created a community,i am poor,please*,i earned 3$ for domain giving papers each morning,PLEASE HELP ME."

Dude, seriously?
Don't beg anywere.
Sometimes I feel ashamed of
calling myself Indian because of people like you.
If you can't pay for domain use or .tk
No money for hosting?
Use free host. Begging won't help you in anycase.

If you don't have e money, you can buy domain and hosting via bank transfer.
Sites like and allow it.
[Image: Kewlz.jpg]

^^ Click to check my rank. Big Grin
problem solved.

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