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Not Solved Mybb to vBulletin 3.8 (Merge system 1.6.7 PERFECTLY DONE))
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Dear MYBB, I have some great news about your new 1.6.7 MERGE system! Last year I was here asking for help to merge my vbulletin board to mybb!

Things that didnt work with the last MERGE SYSTEM:
Password Converting
Font Size and Colors

So for me the last MERGE was a failure, no passwords was getting converted even that I used the loginconvert file, and the font colors were not there as well, and same with Polls. No polls were showing, and the attachments!

Well this time EVERYTHING works perfect, beside the Attachments, and I am ready to move over to MYBB! The Attachments are not getting converted, and gives an SQL ERROR!

I just wanted to tell you guys about these news, so you know that "vBulletin 3.8" to "MYBB" is working perfect now! Please do not change anything on the MERGE system, and please keep working on the ATTACHMENTS to get converted only! So this was my duty to come in here and tell you guys about the nice job you have done with this new Merge System! THANK U SO MUCH MYBB AND THE SUPPORT!

By Miklo
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I've done a lot of merges and have never had attachments work. Ever. To me it's not a deal breaker though as attachments generally can be erased without ruining forum content.
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Hi Labrocca, If you have seen our previouse conversations, well I must admit that 1.6.5 Merge was very disapointing! Passwords where not working, Polls also same , Only thing that worked was THREADS, and POSTS! I am very suprised with the MYBB to VBULLETIN 3.8 Merge with 1.6.7 Merge System,, I am a big board owner, and I trully appericiate your guys work, and again please do not change anything on the this new MERGE SYSTEM for vBulletin Merging..

Thanks a lot for all your reponses... and soon I am moving to MYBB, am looking for a theme and a few plugins, and basicly am done with vBulletin..
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Are you still in the process of converting? I just finished converting a 130,521 (visible) post vB forum and had a few difficulties getting it working, several of which were easy to catch and fix. I posted in my thread the bugfixes and workarounds I had to put in to get it to work perfectly on the live forum (thank goodness I worked out all of the converter problems on my test bed created from a backup, or the hell I experienced because of my own stupid mistake would have been multiplied by 20).
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