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New theme for ForumKorner.
I am looking for a custom theme made. I don't know exactly what I am looking for quite yet however I want a very professional, and very well known person to do the job for me. I have no price limit so money isn't really a problem. Post examples of previous CUSTOM themes. Please don't link me to free themes and themes I can buy now for 20 dollars. I am wanting one fully made for my site, and my site only. Post it up, and don't flame please.

[Image: wPk6qao.png]
You could always request one from Audentio. Smile

Highly suggest him. He worked with the codious group and is a great designer.
I suggest Audentio to be honest if prices isn't an issue, they can whip up something fantastic.
Bumping this up I am still deciding on a person.
[Image: wPk6qao.png]

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