Changing header background
[attachment=26822]I would like to know how to change the header background?

I am new to MyBB and i am learning about the ACP everyday and i love the way it is o easy to change and add things.

But my problem is that the header_bg.png is 1x200 pixels and i would like to change the background to a full look of grass from a soccer ground, because my site is a football/soccer world international site.

So what i would like to know how do i change the header_bg.png so that it shows the Grass with the white lines? but i need it so it is responsive when the internet browser changes size, what i mean by that is that if i look at my site through a laptop, that the header background changes with the size of the screen and not over laps the site.

Can anyone tell me if this is posible please? and if it is, what size should the background be, and what would be the setting for the index in PhotoShop?

My site is:
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Below you can see the full area i want to add the Grass soccer field look.

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go to acP > Styles & Templates > Themes > Yourtheme > Global.css


add between the



background-image: url('location/to/image.extension');

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