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* Euan T says using elasticsearch is a good way to implement search if you have a lot of things to search

* Euan T says it basically it depends on what you're searching and how accurate you want results to be
* Xbat waiting for mybb 2.0
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* Tom K. is waitin more so for MyBB 3.0
* Paul H. is waiting for Godot
-Paul H.

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(2014-04-21, 08:11 PM)Paul H. Wrote: * Paul H. is waiting for Godot

* Lo. loves that play.
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* Josh H. states that the search system he has to write or use will involve indexing blade files and/or contents/language strings in a database to build a set of results based on relevancy

* Josh H. says "Yes, me and another person are building the foundation to Google all over again"

* Josh H. also contemplates PMing a few people the URL of the project he's referring to.

* Josh H. also worked on trying to get Postfix and Dovecot playing nicely.

* Josh H. states that that hasn't worked out yet and he can't connect via an IMAP mail client.
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* Euan T thinks elasticsearch would be a pretty good fit then
* Josh H. has looked at elasticsearch but finds it daunting at first glance

* Josh H. might just have to dive in head-first though and figure it out

* Josh H. has until May 8th to have *something* together to show

* Josh H. has to (with one other person) convince an ITS department that's rather set in their ways to do something that doesn't involve unsupported Oracle software (OAS / Portal System) and SLES 11 (they love Novell stuff too).

* Josh H. states that they conveniently leave the README stuff at the root of the server, open for reading.

* Josh H. states that this is a Chrome theme fail: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t3x2n5pofu6mq3....20.29.png #1440pProblems
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(2014-04-21, 02:04 AM)Paul H. Wrote:
(2014-04-21, 12:05 AM)Josh H. Wrote: * Josh H. has to decide how exactly to implement search into an application
* Josh H. states that it could be interesting

* Paul H. suggests building a GUI in Visual Basic if you are searching for IP addresses
* Paul H. says if you are searching for IRC chats, however, you won't find them as they are like pirate ships on an ocean

* Joshua Mayer laughs at this.

For anyone who hasn't seen --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkDD03yeLnU
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* faviouz does not get the 2nd reference.

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