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* Nathan Malcolm got bored and tried something out.

* Nathan Malcolm thinks he's stupid for doing that now.

* Nathan Malcolm shrugs and says "Oh well".
No longer involved in the MyBB project.
* Tom K. wonders how VTFM is coming along
* Tom K. wonders if malcolm needs any help Smile
* Tom K. is eager to get some plugins and coding done Smile
* faviouz wonders what VTFM is.
(2012-01-18, 02:40 AM)Ryan Loos Wrote:
(2012-01-18, 12:42 AM)euantor Wrote: * euantor wishes his sleeping pattern was more normalised
* Ryan Loos wonders what your sleeping pattern is.

* Euan T says that's the problem. There just isn't a pattern. Sometimes he can sleep at night, sometimes he can't. When he can't, lecture time seems to = sleep time.

(2012-01-18, 02:41 PM)Fábio Maia Wrote: * Fábio Maia wonders what VTFM is.

* Euan T says me too.
* Ryan Loos mostly goes to sleep anywhere between 3-6am and wakes up between 10am-1pm.

* Ryan Loos groans, "Except when I have work at 8am on Sunday morning." Sad
* Euan T says wish that was true. 3am is the earliest he can go to sleep, though can only stay asleep until 7 then.
* Euan T says that he wouldn't mind that if it was socially acceptable to play music at 3am...
* Ryan Loos thinks it is, with headphones.
* Ryan Loos is playing music right now, at 2:30am. Big Grin
* GamerVoid always has his radio on at night.
* GamerVoid says not horribly loud though.
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* Ryan Loos wonders why GamerVoid doesn't use "/me"... :\
* Euan T says his headphones suck, he far prefers to use his speakers

* Euan T wonders what timezone Ryan Loos is in as it's 3PM for him.

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