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* Alex Smith edits his post Toungue.
* Euan T doesn't even know the thread Alex is referring to...
* Tom K. bumps it for alex
* Tom K. also downloads mumble
* Paul H. is on a VM of Windows 8
* Paul H. says it sucks
* Paul H. says it REALLY sucks
-Paul H.

Cogisne lingua latina?
* Josh H. says Windows 8 does indeed suck.
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* Alex Smith may have to start a support thread...

* Alex Smith says for some reason the bbcode buttons are showing(even in the default theme).

* Alex Smith says never mind he found the issue.
* Nishimi is looking for some feedback on his new forum's niche & layout.

* Nishimi would love it if someone would PM him or allow him to PM them to get some feedback.
- Nishimi Cool [I'm back to MyBB, woot!]
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(2012-08-29, 05:33 PM)Josh H. Wrote: * Josh H. says Windows 8 does indeed suck.

* Odin A. says use OS X or a Linux distro.
* Odin A. has no problems with Windows 7, generally.

* Odin A. hates his school's computer system setup.
* Odin A. thinks all students should be allowed to use laptops/be issued laptops for class.
* Odin A. is writing his principal a letter about that.
(2012-08-29, 05:33 PM)Josh H. Wrote: * Josh H. says Windows does indeed suck.

* Nathan Malcolm fixes Josh's post.
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* faviouz concurs with the above.

* faviouz says that reminds him that he has played all the games he wanted to on Windows, and should therefore go back to Linux tomorrow.

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