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Not Solved Avatars Missing and Lost Password Not Working
Not Solved
Hi, everybody. I just converted to 1.6.8 using Merge 1.6.7, from vBulletin 4.0.8. I'm happy to say all the posts and accounts converted over, but the avatars didn't, and there's some password problems that everybody's complaining about.

Namely, that "Lost Password" doesn't email them at all. Neither the email validation, nor the new password. They've checked spam boxes and the like, to no avail.

I've looked around for similar threads, but either they haven't been answered, or they weren't the exact same problem.

If there's anything else needed, I'd be happy to give them (I'm new to hosting though and have no idea what a "debug log" is, and I'm sorry for that.).

The site is

Not Solved
Sounds like PHP might not be setup with the correct SMTP settings for your mail server.
Not Solved
Ah, yeah, that might explain it. My host disabled mail coming from my site because of a back door instance (the reason I migrated in the first place was the result of a hacking). I guess I'll try to resolve the security issue first and try again.

Thanks for the help!

Big Grin

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