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Will Pay For Plugin Creation
I had posted this in the normal requests sections, but since it is a paid job I guess it will be better here. I need a plugin created that will have three basic features:

1. To post a new topic members will have to pay X amount.

2. To bump a topic to the top members will have to pay X amount.

3. Multiple boards on my forum will be using this plugin for payments.

Explanation of feature 1 - When members post a new topic I will need to first approve it. After I have approved the topic then a PM should be sent to them automatically letting them know it has been approved along with a link to pay for it. As soon as they make the payment then the thread should go live and be at the top of the board.

Explanation of feature 2 - In the board that this plugin is working on, threads shouldn't be sorted by last reply. Basically, if someone replies to a topic, that shouldn't bump it back to the top. The only threads that should be at the top are the most recently approved or bumped ones.

Explanation of feature 3 - I have 5 boards on my forum that will be using this plugin, each of them will be charging different amounts for posting and bumping threads. I should be able to edit how much I'm charging for new topics or bumps at any time for the boards this is enabled on.

The payment system being used will be Paypal.

If you can do this then just shoot me a PM letting me know how much it will cost and how long it will take.

One thread is enough.

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