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Quote:But it does amuse me that NO-ONE is logging in to check out the whole theme...
You don't really expect people to register just to snoop around a theme, do you?? Smile

But it is looking good!


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I must have been crazy enough to think that some people from MyBB Community would be interested enough to log in and have a look around a new style type, and maybe pass some suggestions. But my experience here tells me that whoever may want it will take it when it's ready... And then complain or make suggestions as to how it should or could be.... and then expect it to be changed. Toungue

It's also not very encouraging when those who "ARE" taking an interest in it, prefer to discuss it at "Long-Range"... as on another forum. Sad
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you should do the transparency in css instead of... whatever it is, which is wrong.
with css you can actually do transparency, that is like a poorly compressed gif.
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