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AN Community
Hello everyone, long-time lurker on these forums.

I would like to introduce my first MyBB forum: AN Community (

We are a friendly community that discusses Anime, movies, games, music and lifestyle. We also encourage the sharing of creative content such as stories and drawings.

We also have written content under "Projects", our current ones being Digimon Frontier and Gundam SEED.

Any feedback would greatly be appreciated, thanks for your time! Big Grin
Things seem a bit hard to navigate on because I do not seem to understand what takes me where and how to find some forums. I think the theme is pretty poor to be honest and that is a big turn off for me. I would suggest you tried to make that better.
Hello Roach,

Thanks for your comments.

I agree the top Navigation buttons could be improved and clarified.

In regards to the Theme, specifically which parts of it turn you off?
My opinion is that background is kinda empty. Maybe background should be colored, i wanna say those people to be colored. Also logo is pretty bad same as navigation. Too much blue colors on other parts.
Jovan J.
Thanks JovanJ for your comments.

The background is a drawing one of our members made which is meant to depict each of the members in our community, it will be coloured soon! Smile

Will happily improve the blue contrasts and refine the logo/navigation.

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