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Unregistered users posting
How do I keep unregistered useres from creating new threads and making post? I have the email verification and the captcha turned on.
Check your forum permissions for one thing.
I only see Admin permissions and it has nothing about setting user permissions. Am I missing something? BTW... I am very new to this.
You can set permissions on a per forum basis. ACP > Forums > Select a forum > Permissions

Make sure Unregistered users are set to not be able to post in all forums.
My permissions seem to be set so no one can post unless they are a registered user. I don;t see a category for "unregistered" user. There is a category for "Awaiting activiation" Still have spam being posted on a regular basis and cleaning up the forum is beginning to be a hassel.
Could you post details of an admin account in the Private Inquiries forum please? That way I can take a look and double check your permissions.

Have you installed any anti-spam plugins at all? Because even if guests can't post, you'll still likely get spam.
Details of an admin account? Do you mean log in info? Not sure where the private inquiries forum is located. And I have not installed any plug-in's.

We'll need your URL, an admin username and password. Only staff members will be able to see the thread.

We do generally advise installing at least 1 plugin to keep spam out. It's difficult to combat, but this thread gives a pretty good list of recommendations:
ok.. i posted a thread with the login info and website address.


Here is a post that is spam by an unregistered user. Max11 is not a registered user.

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