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On a site I host (, we have been having a problem with the new skin I have made for them (though it will affect all skins they use).

As they now have the award mod installed, the left side of their posts with the avatar (they have it set to do classic view as default), are sometimes wider than they should be. Along with that, if a member posts an image that is wider than the defined width for the skins they are using, it stretches that post.

It's my understanding that the shrink to fit mod doesn't work on the latest version of MyBB as they have already tried this to rectify the second problem.

Problem One:
Is there a way to change the skin in such a manner that it will force posted images to shrink if they exceed the defined width for posts?

Problem Two:
Is there a way to force the skin to set the left side of posts in classic view to a defined width (at present it uses the default coding, which means changing it's auto will change other elements in the skin that use the same element name)?
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Not Solved
Hey, this is for my forum. Any help guys?

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