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Beskor Games
[Image: logo.png]

About Beskor
Beskor was a tight-nit gaming clan for about 4 years and we recently decided to bring it to life as a full on gaming community. In the past month we've grown very large from its 5 base members to a whopping 40 active across our game servers.

Website Url:
Warning: If you're not a big fan of vulgar language then I would avoid the discussion lounge.

FAQ (( Please read before you go saying that the niche isn't a good place to start and the website theme looks bad. ))

What makes Beskor different from any other gaming community?
Well Beskor is full of very mature gamers where we play various games with each other. We offer a variety of game servers that people can play on and some browser based RPGs that we host on our webserver.

More FAQ coming soon...
I'd do something about this:

[Image: 2w5Bw]
It's not happening to me in any browser.
Well I'm using chrome, on OSX.
Well I hopped onto the website using my macbook and I'm still not having the problem. I have multiple browsers on each computer, including chrome.
I absolutely love the theme. Who made it?
-Paul H.

Cogisne lingua latina?
The theme is made by Minerskinz which can be found here;

I came across the theme randomly and I bought it on the spot. I usually tend not to purchase themes and just create them myself, but I made an exception for this beautiful work of art. xD
The theme looks fantastic, i love it..Good luck with it

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