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Looking for an SMod (Senior special Agent)

I am looking for someone to be a Super Mod, (Admin), (Senior Special Agent) (Head-Mod) what ever you want to call it,

This would be on my forum (
I need someone who is willing to do the voluntary work and be active, there is no need to know anything about NCIS.

This post will require jobs such as:

Advertising (Sig links, Posts on other forums etc, not hardcore)
Being Active
Plugin Updating
Graphic designing (Optional, but if you do have some skill, it's greatly appreciated)
Blog Posting (Only if you are into NCIS, but again, Optional)

If you would like to join, Post below using this form, or PM me.

- Sanjar12345

Heard or watched NCIS:
How many hours a day would you think you can dedicate to
Previous experience:
Are you able to blog post:
Are you able to advertise:[/b][/u]

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