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Site hacked
#1 and

would redirect to

.htaccess was fine

going to would load the site fine and everything worked perfectly

after going round and round with hosting tech support... the answer forwarded to me was that index.php had been hacked... which doesn't make sense to me since that was the only way the site would actually get to the main page (, but perhaps I'm mistaken here. Is the diagnosis possible given the symptoms....?

if not, how could this be accomplished...? I mean functionally and regardless, what kind of exploit would allow the injection of the redirect. I'm guessing it wasn't because my passwords had been compromised otherwise MOST LIKELY (not necessarily, i'm just going on by what's likely) someone would have done more damage than just the redirect...

any more info on how this might have happened and what i can do to protect, that would be cool. i'm running 1.6.10. I DO have both the mybb and theme credits on my site. i'm just wary to post with my name or the site name since obviously there's some vulnerability. i can confirm through PM if need be.

Maximum Attachments (2.0)
Allows you to upload a maximum attachments at the same time.
Created by 5n0w833 Install & Activate
Admin Directory PIN (1.0)
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Akismet (1.2.2)
Akismet is a program that helps prevent SPAM on your forum.
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Banned to view threads. (2.0)
Gives administrator ability to ban certain usergroups or users to view particular thread.
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Dissect/Duplicate Posts (1.21)
This will add an additional moderation tool which allows posts to be duplicated via Inline Post Moderation. If only one post is selected, the post may be "dissected" or split.
Created by ZiNgA BuRgA Deactivate
Default Profile (2.0)
Gives new users who register a default avatar, signature, and profile options. For MyBB 1.6.x.
Created by DennisTT & Conor Calby Activate
Edit Time Limit/Legend Permissions (1.0.1)
Adds two usergroup permissions for edit time limit and removing Edited by legend.
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PluginLibrary (11)
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Did you go through and
Okay. I read these before but they still don't offer a clue as to the method or as to how the redirect was happening. Is the diagnosis possible given the symptoms?
Have they added a file called index.html?
MyBB Support Technician
You're sure your password wasn't compromised?
am not sure at all. but i would think more damage done if so.

i didn't see an index.html, but maybe it was cleaned by tech support. the information regarding index.php being hacked was relayed by the first level tech. she said index.php had been hacked and they had replaced it.

if it really was index.php, it seems strange to me. how does a redirect like this happen if .htaccess is untouched and the site works fine when going to . seems strange it would work find if it really was index.php that had been hacked.

maybe there was an index.html and the info had just been relayed to me incorrectly.
Javascript re-direct in the index.php file sounds like the most logic explanation. Is everything working as per normal now?
MyBB Support Technician

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