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Not Solved Empty panels in admin page
Not Solved

First, thank you very much for a such great software!

If it's possible can I please ask you for help?
I just installed a local version of the forum.
But I faced a strange problem. I tried to look
through this forum but did not find solution yet
so would like to ask you for help.

So, our local version works fine - it's possible to
create topics, add comments etc. The problems
start if I log in as "administrator" into administrator
page. Panels there are empty. Please see a screenshot
for my example. Panels are clickable. I also double
checked permissions- they are fine.

I.e. the only problem is that nothing is written on the
panels inside of "administrator" page. Everything else
is fine as I can see.

Can you please advice what could be wrong?
Thank you in advance!

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Not Solved
check if all language files are uploaded correctly in ./inc/languages/english[or YOUR language]/admin folder
also ensure that the language files are accessible - folders & files should have at least CHMOD 666 (see guidance)
Not Solved
Great! Thank you for your quick reply!
Problem indeed was there. After I changed permission for a folder itself
from 666 to 777 it became visible.

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