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Not Solved [How To?] Integrating HTML into your post
Not Solved
I would like to insert some HTML code into your post
Is it possible?
A "before and after" code you were the case, when the image loaded on the above photo, and the picture changes
I thought something similar
	<img onmouseout="this.src=''" onmouseover="this.src=''" src="" width="600" /></div>

Thank you!
Not Solved
Into whose post? If you mean 'your' as this forum, it's not possible. If you mean your forum, you need to enable HTML in options (not recommended) or add this as new MyCode.
Not Solved
We create many photographers tutorial , and I have an html code that, if it'll take the mouse will show you what was and what was the photo. (before and after)
I enabled the html in MyBB, but it's not working...
By the way...

Thans for help!
(sorry for my bad English)
Not Solved
What do you mean by not working? Is the image not being displayed or is it just not changing?
Thanks, Polarbear541
Not Solved
Hello Polarbear541,

The image not being displayed... but in my blog (wordpress) works fine...
Not Solved
HTML in posts bad idea!

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