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Not Solved Help with a few things?
Not Solved
My forum is located here. The most noticeable issues I'd like to address are the images in the left-hand column, not just the images but the entire column next to the board link/description, on the left-hand side. I'd like to remove the entire column for all the boards on my forum, not just on the index but on the entire site. I'd also like to align my boards like the forum located here, with the board link, description, and last post all in one cell. I'm also looking to add a cell listing the most recent replies on the forum, perhaps between six and ten of the most recent threads that have been replied to. I've had an incredible amount of bad luck trying to find someone to help me set up my forum, so hopefully posting these issues here will yield better results.
Not Solved
I'll also happily take any suggestions or referrals as to where I might be able to find any tutorials or resources that might help.

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