Not Solved Page Manager Character Limit?
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We're using the Page Manager plugin for our forum, and it works fine until we seem to reach a sort of character limit and everything after it gets cut off. Apparently it cuts off at: 6169 words 63417 characters.

I searched the Reviews for the plugin and found someone from a few years back with a similar issue, but they never posted a fix (if they even found one).

On the page in question we're hoping to put an index for all of our members with their sub-accounts. Suggestions of an alternative would also be appreciated!

Thank you!
Not Solved
The problem is caused by the limit placed on custom page file sizes by the database in which they are stored.

The easiest remedy is to either use an external php file and require it into your page-- or better yet, convert the page to a standard php page without Page Manager.

I'm on my cell but there are tutorials to show you how simple a mybb page is to create without Page Manager.
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Hah! Alright. Thank you so much! It seems we've figured it out.
Thank you, thank you!

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