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convert 1.6 themes to 1.8
hi .

I am a styler and I have a lot of 1.6 themes ...
but after releasing 1.8 , I must turn my themes to 1.8.

I don't know which templates were edited , deleted or new templates created . thats why we need a simple and complete topic to turn our themes. Please add your ways to turn our themes in this topic.

thnx alot
There is tons of templates added, such as in header. Header now include mod and admin template.

I am also in progress converting it.
Hey Everyone I am back! I will slowly be in progression of helping you all with your questions!

I'd probably just do complete re-writes as MyBB 1.8 has a lot of optimizations for both CSS and templates, so you'd be better off using 1.8 as a base.
i think it's good if someone put all 1.8 template changes into a topic. of course with accurate Smile
I know which templates are changed (like post bit buttons or add/remove budyoption in member profile) , but I said 'we have a lot of mybb themes ! and we must have a way to convert our themes !!!

It is impossible to re-write our themes in a new template with 1.8 .
I don't know a simple or easy way to do it, other than a theme at a time. But you could import a theme into 1.8 and then look in the template selector and the changed templates will be a different color. You can then open the view that shows you what has changed. I would not do this with a beta 1.8, though.
Unfortunately you'll have to manually move them over. New templates were added, templates were changed, selectors were updated, etc.

That said if you kept most of your changes in CSS (For example I believe Justin's Apart themes only modified 6 templates or so), then most of the site will retain it's design by adding in the CSS. After that it's as simple as updated a few templates with big changes in 1.8 (Header/Footer/etc.).

It's certainly easier than say, porting a design to another software. I do wish there was a list of changed/added templates though. Toungue
I'm not asking MyBB staff to do this, but would it be possible for someone to write a small MySQL application that would spawn the templates into text files. Once this is done for both versions, a file compare program (ex. Beyond Compare) could be used to find all the differences in all templates.
(2014-07-08, 07:29 PM)Eric J. Wrote: I do wish there was a list of changed/added templates though.
can we have some changes in xml file of template and do this?? do you have any idea?

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