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convert 1.6 themes to 1.8
(2014-07-08, 09:00 PM)Andrew B. Wrote: I'm not asking MyBB staff to do this, but would it be possible for someone to write a small MySQL application that would spawn the templates into text files. Once this is done for both versions, a file compare program (ex. Beyond Compare) could be used to find all the differences in all templates.

That would certainly be feasible. I'll look into it this weekend.
You could simply compare the "/install/resources/mybb_theme.xml" or am I wrong?
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(2014-07-09, 11:11 AM)King Louis Wrote: You could simply compare the "/install/resources/mybb_theme.xml" or am I wrong?

Come to think of it, you can compare that way. So I just tried it, and I'm not sure how helpful the results are. There is a big sea of code there, and I'm not knowledgeable enough to help the compare software line up the templates.
Currently working on a difference doc. It's taking forever honestly, I didn't realize there were even this many templates haha. Already finished a CSS differences doc as well.

Edit: Annnnd all finished. Gotta go through to error check and make it pretty, at which point I'll post it here (Tomorrow hopefully).
Based on a count of the template version codes, 497 templates have been added or changed in 1.8. That is out of 843 templates total. At least one template has been removed (usercp_options_stylebit).
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Here's what I've got for changed templates. Let me know if you find anything wrong, it was done manually so there is more than likely errors.
Do we can import a theme on 1.6 and upgrade that to 1.8 then export our theme??
is it possible way? but not good way for alot of templates!!!
No that won't work. Looking at the template changes, it doesn't seem like there will be any easy way to do it. I'll try to post a CSS changes list today as well.
I think css changes are easy ...
That's templates changes are bad to us !

I think we have only one bad way to do this :

- Re-write our theme changes in a new 1.8 theme ...
Well yes, the templates are the hard part. CSS changes can still be helpful though. Here's my rough list:

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