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[For 1.8] DVZ Shoutbox 2.3.3
(2015-07-17, 08:45 AM).m. Wrote: @slothinab0x,
looks like shoutbox display, powered by MyBB notice & theme copyright are disturbed by incorrect placement of the shoutbox style rules.

global.css of the theme needs to edited in advanced mode and in general, new style rules should be added at the bottom

Would you be able to PM me with more information and help please? I'm somewhat new to MyBB so some of it is pretty confusing.
^ you can understand it eventually. at present you may PM me temporary access to forum admin panel to fix it
Version 2.2 (build #9, MD5: a109ba2053ecd0b181d1454639e478a6)
  • implemented configurable maximum message length
  • improved UX with click & hold to edit and middle (scroll) click on delete button to bypass the confirm box
  • implemented synchronization of edits and deletions without refreshing the Shoutbox window
  • implemented scroll back to show past shouts
  • implemented shouts pre-loading (no AJAX request to fetch messages for the first time)
  • implemented clearing Shoutbox cookies within the MyBB mechanism (working MyBB >= 1.8.6)
  • minor ACP optimizations

Upgrading: Backup the *dvz_shoutbox table, reinstall the plugin and restore the table; execute these SQL queries:
ALTER TABLE `mybb_dvz_shoutbox` CHANGE `text` `text` TEXT NULL;
ALTER TABLE `mybb_dvz_shoutbox` ADD `modified` INT NULL DEFAULT NULL AFTER `date`; 

You can support the development of this project by donating (see the project page for details).

You can participate in the beta-testing process of DVZ* plugins - PM for details.

What would you like to see in the next version? Wink (DF3A 34D9 A627 42E5 BC6A 6750 1F2F B8AA 28FF E1BC) ▪
Can you make a sidebar version of this?
I have 3 requests!

- make it possible to privately message someone!

- a way for certain groups to completely wipe the content of the shoutbox?

- an option to let certain groups have lower anti-flood interval.

Thank you!
finaly i finde it,please if someone can tell me step by step how to do this:

Move {$panel} 5 lines below in the dvz_shoutbox template (Global Templates). You might want to enable the Reversed order setting as well.

Where and how i can do this becose in my shoutox the entry is up the shouts and i whant that the entry is below the shouts!!!


OK i got the answer from staff member

forum admin panel >> Templates & Style >> Templates >> Global Templates >> dvz_shoutbox

you can find {$panel} there and move it as suggested

Thanx Staff Smile
Is there a way to fix it so it doesn't look like this?

[Image: J6BoZKd.png]
(2015-08-15, 07:50 PM)Almighty™ Wrote: Is there a way to fix it so it doesn't look like this?

[Image: J6BoZKd.png]

Did you add the CSS?


I added a Dutch translation in the attachments of this post!



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Arne Van Daele - Developer

Private Support? Send me a private message
Everyone on my forum is having a problem where when they input a shout, it shows up in the shoutbox but no one else can see it and when they refresh their page the shout is gone. How can I fix this?
I made a DVZ Shoutbox version with private messages and an advanced mod panel for the people who are interested, I'm still waiting for the MyBB Developers to approve the plugin on the mods page, but you guys can send me a PM if you want it already Wink

Arne Van Daele - Developer

Private Support? Send me a private message

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