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sql error : 1054 unknown column useragent

i upgraded my mybb 1.6.15 to the mybb 1.8 beta 3 release for testing

and i have serouse poblem with it... first of all

i had to replace global.php and index.php with my 1.6.15 version because it keep giving me error there is some thing wrong with these two files above.

after fixing that i tried to log in to my admin area and it gave me this error after putting my user and pass ...

[Image: image.png]

hope you fix these problems soon becausei really want use this version 1.8
You should not replace 1.8 files with 1.6.15 files - that's not a fix at all. Instead of doing that, would be nice if you told us which error was output by global.php/index.php.

As for your second issue - the useragent column is new in MyBB 1.8 but as I see it should be added during upgrade without any problem:

Are you sure you ran the upgrade script correctly?

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