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Not Solved [How To?] Most Creative Thead Theme
Not Solved
Out of all of the mybb themes that I have ever seen, today I saw the most amazing and creative thead ever. Look at this site, their thead is like jquery or something. I would ask how to do that, but Im not sure if I would understand. I don't want to just copy and paste, I want to be able to recreate something similar in my upcoming themes. Especially with 1.8 coming out.
Not Solved
It's a simple background with an image, so, when you hover the thead, the image moves vertically.

You can achive that and more with simple CSS effects.
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Not Solved
I'm actually interested in how each thead is a different one.
Not Solved
I'm giving you a tutorial made by envira from


Credits to him =)
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Not Solved
Ah thank you!! So if I do the hover image change, would that work along with that tutorial?
Not Solved
Yep, because you're using an unique ID for each category thead, so... it's like this:

Category 1
Forum 1

Category 2
Forum 2

Quote:category_one {
background: image here;

category_one:hover {
background: same image with another position here;
Quote:category_two {
background: different image here;

category_two:hover {
background: same different image with another position here;
I don't give support on PM.
Not Solved
So everytime I make a new category, I have to do that for each one?

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