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Not Solved [How To?] How can i export the post .xml?
Not Solved
I m new here just started with mybb it better than other forum software what i think i get disappointment after install it Their is no Tool of Export and import threads .xml file. and no plugins available for this .
Please is any way i can do export the my site thread to file.xml so we can import and export any time when we want ?
Not Solved
you have to take database backup. this facility available at tools & maintenance section of admin panel
Not Solved
ok i got it but how can i import now
Not Solved
importing database needs to be done from web host control panel by using database manager (eg. phpMyAdmin)
Not Solved
ok.... let example i have this thread "test 26th september 2014" i take the database backup of mybb_threads open the .sql file bt don;t find my post content their
can you please tell where is that thread
Not Solved
you can find such things by using queries on the database / table backup. (see related guidance)

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