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Solved: 8 Years, 4 Months ago MyBB 1.8 SEO Friendly Pretty URLS
Solved: 8 Years, 4 Months ago
(2014-10-12, 07:33 AM)CodeX Pro Wrote:
(2014-10-11, 10:26 AM)Red™ Wrote:
(2014-10-11, 05:23 AM)Kingfish Wrote: Just an FYI for you guys saying it is working.  It wasn't working right on 1.6 for a lot of us the site maps were broken on most servers that were configured in the way that Cpanel servers are typically configured by the big hosts. It would generate the index of the site map making you think you had one, but if you clicked on the links in the site map they were all dead. So you might want to check your sitemaps.

I dont know about you or anyone else but mines is working fine. Its maybe because some people may have their settings all messed up whereas I know alot about mybb and seo so my settings are correct.

(2014-09-15, 05:28 PM)CodeX Pro Wrote: Hello Everyone,

I would like to know that is there any SEO friendly Pretty URL plugin. Google said about some Google SEO plugin but thats not available for the new version.

Also are there any alerts or Syntax Highlighter plugins.

Google Seo Plugin...
If you are saying that your getting an incompatible error when you try and activate the plugin you must go into inc/plugins/google_seo/plugin.php and look for where it says something about compatability 16* and change it to 18*, after doing that you should be able to activate the plugin.

You will then have to set everything up, along with SEO Friendly URLs.

Like I said earlier. I have solved it and its working fine.

Great for you personally, but for anybody that has a hosting account with a big host that has Varnish installed the site map will not work for them.
Solved: 8 Years, 4 Months ago
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It's hardly the plugin's fault if the host is buggy and doesn't pass mandatory parameters to the PHP... you can already set the sitemap to not use rewrites (misc.php?sitemap style) maybe that will work better in such broken setups. And if that's still not enough, you can edit the sitemap.php code to give the page parameter a different name, if for some reason it's taking offense to that specifically...
Solved: 8 Years, 4 Months ago
Is there a download link for the 1.6 version of this mod so I can try editing the version compatibility line? It looks like there still is not an updated version that is explicitly compatible with 1.8.
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