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I have just had a big "accident"

I had 2 very similar threads on 2 boards - so I moved one to the same board and merged the 2 threads to leave one. That was all OK.

Then as there were 2 identical posts in the thread I went to delete one post - and it deleted the whole thread with a total of 13 posts. 

This is a new board I am trying to get started and things like this are really bad - it makes the board look unsafe and unprofessional.

I am completely unfamiliar with direct SQL queries but if there is any way to get this thread back I would be grateful if someone could talk me through it.

In case anyone asks am I sure I deleted the post and not the thread  here is the moderator log [Image: supportb091014_zpsdb80f7d9.jpg]
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When you delete the first post of a thread, it deletes the entire thread. You should first split the thread, then delete the appropriate post.
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If you have it so soft delete is enabled, the posts might still exist in the database. You can look for them by using this sql statement:
SELECT * FROM mybb_posts WHERE visible=-1;

If you get results that were from that thread, you can restore them by changing visible to 1. If there is no results, you can only get them back from a backup if you have one.
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No it was not a soft delete.

Why should deleting the first post in a thread delete the whole thing if there are other posts after it? Seems kind of daft to me. I mean I get that if a thread only has one post then deleting that deletes the thread but if more posts come after the thread should still exist.
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(2014-10-09, 10:00 PM)sphinx Wrote: Why should deleting the first post in a thread delete the whole thing  if there are other posts after it?

the first post makes the thread other posts are just replies to that thread... if a thread (first post) gets deleted why should the replies exist.... its like asking that if a fb post is deleted the likes and comments should stay intact....
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