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[For 1.8] MyBB 2FA - Two Factor Authentication
MyBB 2FA by Jones

This plugin shouldn't be used with MyBB 1.8.4 as there are conflicts with it.

After activating this plugin every user has a new option in his user control panel: "MyBB 2FA" which allows to activate two Factor Authentication. The 2FA is applied to both, frontend and backend.

Just upload all files into your forum and activate it in the ACP.
Steps to do this

Download, Support and Contact
Downloads: Support: only in this thread
Contact: just send me a pm Wink

HowTo update
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Very nice plugin. Smile I actually installed it myself on my forum.
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Nice, bugs out a little on my theme (when in its option panel it squeezes the left panel and stretches itself outside the forums regular bounds.)
probably just a template problem on my end, i'll see if i can fix it my end.

checked the template against change email, change name, change sig, etc and there seems to be nothing... wrong.

edit; just to mention it doesnt affect functionality, just... makes that page a bit off
Which theme are you using? You could try to set a width for the table. I'll take a look for the next version.
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Square by Envy, although it's modified quite a bit.
I'll take a look tomorrow.
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The issue seems to be missing table closing tags. And there is an closing form tag even when no need for it.

I'm using it and it all looks nice, it may be better that the other solution I was using (Auth2My). Cheers.
I'll take a look. It's on my ToDo
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is there a way to force specific users to use it, like super mods and admins?
No, simply as not every user have a smartphone. Also it may lock out them if they don't scan the QR code.
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