Solved: 6 Years, 8 Months ago Smilies?
Solved: 6 Years, 8 Months ago
Have upgraded my forum to 1.8.3 from 1.8.2 and noticed that smilies do not seem to be getting inserted when selected in post composition.
Have attempted multiple browsers (IE, FireFox, Chrome)
Have cleared cache/browsing history

Website is here:
Setup a temporary test account as per these details:
username: test
password: testtest

The generated script error on selections states:
"Message: 'MyBBEditor' is null or not an object
Line: 222
Char: 1
Code: 0

Any chance of assistance on this please?
Solved: 6 Years, 8 Months ago
at the theme properties in admin panel can you change editor style to a different one and check if referred issue resolves
Solved: 6 Years, 8 Months ago
OK was set to "MyBB" so changed to both "Default" and "Office" through admin panel to no avail
Have re-attempted as such in both IE and Chrome on these new editor settings...
Solved: 6 Years, 8 Months ago
forum theme is not compatible with MyBB 1.8
upgrading guidance Wrote:Visit your Admin Control Panel, then go to Templates & Style > Templates > Find Updated Templates. This will show you a list of all the templates that have changed during the upgrade.

You can either revert these templates to their default - meaning all the changes you've made to it will be removed - or you can see a Diff Report which will show you exactly what's changed. If you have a custom theme installed, it is probably best that you look at the Diff Report and apply the changes you need.

or you can install a good looking new theme compatible with MyBB 1.8
Solved: 6 Years, 8 Months ago
I have attempted to import themes to see how they adopt to modifications but they are FULL of required edits so I think the "Diff Report" method is the way to go.
On running this report it generated a lot of differences.  Now, before I go through and edit each one to suit, does this list identify ALL templates which require alterations on my forum or just the ones that apply to this upgrade?  Reason I ask is that I have never run this "Diff Report" before and it could be that this anomaly could have occurred pre-upgrade and applies to a template not listed here.  (Just thinking that maybe this has been an issue for sometime and has been un-noticed)
Does this Diff report generate all required modifications?

Thank you
Solved: 6 Years, 8 Months ago
^ I can understand that it is quite difficult to follow Diff report for the templates changes.

best thing would be to install a new theme compatible with MyBB 1.8 (as suggested before)

or you can try this guidance to convert the earlier theme
Solved: 6 Years, 8 Months ago
Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your help on this!  I am now busy messing around with a new theme and will eventually replace as the default theme and templates.  This seems initially to have resolved the smilies not appearing issue so as I say, thank you

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