[For 1.8] BBCode Editor Fix Problem With Your Theme[Tutorial]
Hello MyBB Members !
BBCODE EDITOR Problem With Your Theme ? Follow This Tutorial for Fix This Problem .
[Image: 80150b4ca38d827f780ff8a9f6a999ae.png]
this is my first tutorial in mybb so i'll try my best to explain my tutorial if you don't understand anything then you can ask here comment bellow . so let's start our mission step by step and it's very easy and simple Big Grin 
[Image: 00mpKFF.png]
*Yui Editor (mods/Plugins)
*script Code
*And A Some orange Brain Big Grin
Step : 1
Ok first We need to Download a plugins ''Yui Editor'' : Clikc here to Download Link From Mybb Community .
after download plugin upload it With FTP in your cpnael root folder But Don't Active The Plugin just upload it .(if u don't know how to upload plugin then check tutorial section u  find it .)

Step : 2
Now we need to Set Our Script Code In our  theme template :
Yoursite Admin Cp >Templates & Style > Your Theme > Ungrouped Templates > CodeButtons :
Replace This code (copy & Pastte)
<script type="text/javascript" src="jscripts/editor.js?ver=1806"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
<!-- {$editor_language} var clickableEditor = new messageEditor("{$bind}", {lang: editor_language, rtl: {$lang->settings['rtl']}, theme: "{$theme['editortheme']}"}); if(clickableEditor) { clickableEditor.bindSmilieInserter("clickable_smilies"); }// --></script>
then click Save And Close button
Final Step:
Now We Need To Active Our ''Yui Editor''Plugins/Mods :

Yoursite Admin Cp > Plugins > Find Yui Editor And Active it .
After Active Go To Configuration > Board Settings > Yui Editor > 

Replace SCEditor with Yui Editor? 
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Rest Of Others Settings It's Up To you for change Big Grin
Now We Are Done And Complete Our Mission I hope It's Help You . but otherways if you have still same problem then check this .docs 

Note : This Problem Create When You Use Old Version Themes So U need To Change Manually Scripts in Templates.

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