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[PAID] require simple basic myBB 1.8 responsive theme
Looking for someone to create a simple and basic myBB theme. I would pretty much want a do any thing licence with it ideally.

My priority is to use on various forums I have and new ones too. Restyled for each site but retaining the responsive nature of the theme.

I'm reasonably adept at styling myBB now but not so adept at making myBB responsive so essentially I want to pass that bit over to someone else who can do a better job than I can.

PM me if you need any more info or can offer the service. If you could provide some indication of price that would be a great help.

Happy to discuss.

Cheers all

Oneshoot -responsive for mybb 1.8

If you like
Expo - Fully Responsive For MyBB 1.8

Only $25

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