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Right now, I have my portal set to show 'announcements' from all forums, and so it displays the first post of all the most recently made threads. This seems to be the default functionality, but in the case of my forum, it's not very useful.

Ideally (for me, anyway) the portal page would instead show all of the most recently made posts in all subscribed threads. The complete post would be shown, the way it is for threads right now, so users could easily see what new posts have been made in their subscriptions at a glance.

What I am willing to settle for (because it seems much easier) is being able to view the subscription list within the portal. A little like the latest subscription box in the User CP, just... on the portal, instead. Or maybe all of the most recent posts across the entire forum?

Honestly, I love the way the portal looks right now, it's just that the information it's conveying isn't what's needed.

Is there a plugin that would let me accomplish this, somewhere? Or a template I could copy/paste? I have a hunch I'm making this harder than it needs to be.
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yeah, hopefully version two will make it better....not too many plugins for the portal....

there s one plugin you can limit which announcements are brought to the front

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