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SunGood - light, premium, full responsive theme for MyBB 1.8.x
today I have to sell a standard style. Important information that for the first 10 people the price is lower ($10), after that the price will rise to $10.

[Image: Z5ZXzDs.png]
  • The style is fully responsive (adaptation to mobile devices);
  • The use of standards HTML5, CSS3, jQuery;
  • 99% icons have been replaced FontAwesome;
  • The ability to dynamically change the background (replacement stores in cookies);
  • ... and more.
Demo: Click to see. (change theme in footer)
              Test account:
              L: test
              P: testtest


Price:  $10.

Payment methods: PayPal.
(Now you buy this in GumRoad !)

Contact: PW/Email/Skype (by prior arrangement via PM).

License: After buying style use of its permitted on one forum and 
spaces non-remission / resale to third parties.

Feel free to purchase!

@bump Smile

Now you buy this in GumRoad !


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