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[For 1.8] Rebil
Thank you, that would be great because I wanted to keep the template as long as possible also because of all the changes in the portal etc.

I sent you access via pm
^ there is a problem with Ajax Upload Multiple Attachments Plugin.
not recommended for use unless plugin is updated to work with recent versions of MyBB.
Hello .m. I only installed the Ajax Upload Plugin to try to fix the error. But that hadn't worked either. After that I just hadn't deactivated it again. What exactly have you changed now that it works all at once?

Thank you for your support. That worked out quickly. I am so happy about it. Best support you can get. Thumbs up!
^ fixed some code segments related to Rebil theme in headerinclude, newthread, newreply & showthread templates.
You are the best .. thank you very much!

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